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In the current economic climate, the success of adult industry entrepreneurs, performers, and workers is often determined by their ability to access the legal resources necessary to protect their businesses and help them thrive during the most competitive time in the industry’s history.

Legal services are often out of reach financially for those just beginning their journey as an adult entertainment entrepreneur or a small business owner, which is why far too many people wait until they are facing a lawsuit, or other legal trouble, to seek out a lawyer’s expertise. Many firms ask their prospective clients to pay an initial fee of thousands of dollars in order to retain their services, no matter how small the initial inquiry may be.

What is allows members to pay a low monthly fee to access the legal resources and expertise they need, along with a robust library of legal, policy, and business information that speaks to the specific needs of those who work in the adult industry, along with regular updates and briefings on new policies and case law, as the legal landscape of the adult industry is constantly in flux.

Why Silverstein Legal? is designed specifically for the adult industry entrepreneur or small business owner. Combining the expertise of Corey Silverstein, Esq. of Silverstein Legal, who has dedicated his career to serving the legal needs of all factions of adult entertainment and successfully represented some of largest adult industry businesses in the world, with talents of writer, performer, and media strategist Siouxsie Q, who brings nearly a decade of experience in policy advocacy with organizations including the ACLU of Southern California, Free Speech Coalition, Equality California, The National Lawyers Guild, and the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

No matter the size of your business, has the legal resources you need to grow, as well as the knowledge needed to prevent mistakes that will cost you valuable time on the road to success.

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